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Do you have a passion for working with members of the deaf community? Are you a hiring manager that's looking to hire new talent in cybersecurity? Do you have internship opportunities you'd like to share? Are you an educator in the deaf community? Then, consider partnering with us to redefine the future of cybersecurity.


Gain direct access to a pool of deaf women at various levels of career readiness, view candidate profiles, and promote hiring events.


Learn about deaf culture, meet with with members of the deaf community, like-minded members of the business community, and get answers to your questions about deaf women and employment in the U.S.


Explore opportunities to serve as mentors, role models, thought leaders, and provide interview preparation. Share insights and find other ways to make a difference.

Expand Your Workforce

Corporate adoption and expansion of deaf people in the workforce is what will set your diversity, equity and inclusion program apart. Partnering with us provide you with the tools you need to determine corporate readiness, action plans for taking your program to the next level, leadership development, technology assessments for both corporate and deaf candidates, matchmaking, metrics and research regarding corporate adoption.

Our Partners

Contact us to discuss your talent needs and gain access to a pool of deaf candidates.

Share your ideas, serve as mentors, collaborate on upcoming events, and join the discussion.

Host a bootcamp, sponsor an apprenticeship, or share new insights.

We welcome like-minded people who want to make a difference.

Commit to make a difference.

Our pledge is a small step towards changing the future for deaf women in cybersecurity.

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